Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A seven-woman show

At the animal shelter, there are eight employees. One is the director. He's a guy. The other seven are women.

I feel sorry for him sometimes. Usually everyone gets along well, but when differences arise, as they are bound to with that skewed of an employee gender-makeup, then he's the one who has to solve the problems. He spent all this morning (seriously, like two hours!) talking with two of the women about some issue, which started with a misplaced soda can, I believe.

Oh well, that's part of being the director.

On an unrelated note, here's a picture of the fawn we got in at the shelter a little while ago.

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prin said...

hehe, I work in an all-male environment, and trust me- it's not easy for the bosses here either... I never realized how men could be such big babies before... I mean, women can be bitchy but at least we can think on our feet. :D (Helps us to scheme better)