Friday, August 03, 2007

Rather sleepness night

Last night was one of those restless nights where you seem to wake up every couple hours for no particular reason. Warning: studies have shown that hearing other people describe their dreams is the most boring thing in existence, so if you don't want to read a couple (very brief) descriptions, skip this post. I'll blog about some amusing animal shelter events next as an apology.

I remember having two dreams. The first, I was at someones house with a lot of relatives, it seemed to be a family reunion of some sort, when I noticed in passing that my Grandpa on my mom's side was there. That wouldn't be too remarkable, other than the fact that he passed away a few years ago. I seemed to be the first to realize that he was there, so I called out and went up to talk to him. I wish I could remember exactly his words, but they were simply along the lines of, "I hope *you* aren't doing anything to make me disappointed," then I woke up.

Now I do believe in "religious" dreams, but actually, I don't think this was one. Whether or not it was, though, it was a good question for me to ponder as I lay awake in bed.

Falling back asleep, I had a totally unrelated dream, and one with no real point to it at all, but an intriguing twist that I haven't seen in any of my dreams before. Child and I were in a big ol' house, where there seemed to be some sort of party going on. Suddenly, a couple guys charged in and started shooting all over the place with automatic weapons. Child and I raced upstairs to hide, and watched out the window as the Bad Guys loaded all sorts of boxes into some trucks. I got the impression this was a rival gang's headquarters, and they were robbing it.

They left, and all sorts of people showed up, including the police (and oddly enough, one of my ex-girlfriends). Still upstairs, I leaned out the window and called out that I could help the police since I was a witness, and that I had actually been in the same house a year earlier when the exact same event had happened then. I woke up about there, and realized that I had actually had the same dream a year earlier, and understood that that was what my dream-self had been referring to. Intriguing, no?

Anyway, enough dreams. On to a new post and some shelter news.

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