Monday, August 20, 2007

Gimp and the Libgimpui DLL

Note to self, since I know this is going to come up again and I won't remember the solution: after installing Gimp, while starting the program, if lots of "missing entry points in the libgimpui dll" errors start popping up, then uninstall, erase the old folders in Program Files, make sure the dll is gone from windows/system32, then reinstall Gimp but using a different folder name than the default given.


Xirax said...

Do you want Photoshop? :D

The Writer said...

Thanks, but I need to learn Gimp. :) I don't do any really serious image-work, so Photoshop wouldn't help me much more than Gimp...other than not having to deal with the occasional weird error.

Besides, if I know Gimp, then when I have to do some quick image-editing on a friend's computer and they don't have Photoshop, I can just download Gimp and know how to use it.