Thursday, October 06, 2011

Beginning of the End

I finally took the plunge.  I downloaded a password manager.

Until now, I've either remembered my passwords, used some algorithm to determine them on a per-website basis, or tracked them in my emails.  All of those had shortcomings, so I decided to try a password manager.

Using no particular criteria, I devided to try Revelation.  Simple, to the point, and for the handful of days I've used it, it's gotten the job done.  Using a password manager has its own shortcomings, but having to look up a password in a single application beats trying to find passwords in my email or guess until my account is locked.


Unknown said...

Oh man, LastPass is where it's at. Read up on how it actually works to settle your fears about online password management.

AC said...

I love lastpass! The only shortcoming is the fact you have to pay for the mobile version (which I actually do). The main thing is to have a powerful master pass.