Friday, April 29, 2011


Day 1 Friend: "Could you do me a favor? I need someone trustable and unswayable such as yourself to change my minecraft account password and not give it back to me until after finals. If I try to convince you to give it back to me before the semester is over, just tell me to work on my homework or to do something productive."
Me: "Sure. Done."

Day 2 Friend: "The new minecraft update is out! Let me have the password, just to check it out. Pls?"
Me: "No."

Day 3 Friend: "Man, giving my minecraft password to you was both the best and worst decision, depending on how I'm feeling about it. I know you'll never give it back, and so I'll have to stay on task... but then I know I'll never be able to convince you to give it to me either. Well now, you should try the game out yourself. heh heh"
Me: "And turn into an addict like you? Nuh uh."
Friend: "I'm not an addict! I like wasting time by assembling virtual blocks in fun shapes."

Day 4 Me: "I'm changing your profile picture to a picture of Sean Hannity." (Okay, maybe I baited him a little.)
Friend: "Curses! You'll ruin my reputation!"
Me: "Well...I can make it Glenn Beck if you'd prefer."

Day 5 Friend: "Can I minecraft for a bit? I want to check out the new features."
Me: "No."
Friend: "Dreeeeeek!"
Later Friend: "I'm dying of productivity, I've already gotten 2 assignments done early. Just a little minecraft wouldn't hurt..."

Day 6 Friend: "Can I have my password? I have nothing to do this weekend."
Me: "Except study?"
Friend: "Study? I'm done with homework!"
Me: "I would have thought you'd have forgotten about minecraft by now."
Friend: "Well I've given up trying to guess the thing you changed the password to."
Later Friend: Offensive emoticons
Later Friend: "I'll buy you your own account, just give me the password"
Friend: "I thought I could trust you"

Day 7 Friend: Suspicious silence
Day 8 Friend: Suspicious silence
Day 9 Friend: Suspicious silence
Day 10 Friend: Suspicious silence
Day 11 Friend: Suspicious silence
Me: Checks minecraft account. Can't log in.  Friend must have reset password.
Me: "Can you look me in the eyes and say you haven't played minecraft in the last week?"
Friend: "A person needs balance in their life..."


AC said...

I can't believe you blogged about this.

The Writer said...

Ha ha! I'll take it down if you want, but I thought it was hilarious.

dnatheory said...

I know this post is a couple weeks old, but I just saw it, and it made me laugh out loud. Hehehe.