Friday, May 06, 2011

Yard Sale!

In about a week, my dad will be driving from Utah to Mexico to take part in a service project.  On the way, he's going to stop here in California to pick up my brother and help with some projects around the house. 

One of those projects is trimming some palm trees.  He's bringing a chainsaw, but until today I haven't had much luck finding an extension ladder.  On our way out the door to visit the beach, however, we spotted a yard sale literally a block away from our home. 

Normally I never stop at yard sales, but for some reason I decided to pull over, even though we were late.  There, lying in the grass, was an extension ladder!  And a dolly, which I've been wanting (probably thanks to all our moving), and a carpenter's square, and a little tricycle, and some horseshoes.  Thanks to Child's shrewd bargaining, we got the whole lot for $57.  Definitely a good find.

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