Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Edible Return On Investment

Yesterday I was shocked to discover a giant pea on one of our pea plants! The plants are only a foot or so tall, so I wasn't expecting peas for another month or so. Looking over the pea plants, I found several more as well. Our first return-on-investment! Gardening is fun!

Here's our pepper plants. There were originally three, but you can tell that the third one (center, back) had...difficulties. It went to "Happy Acres" yesterday evening and was replaced with a row of carrots.

Here's Child's herb starts. She planted a little mint, catnip, and basil, I believe.

Yesterday evening we planted our seeds: squash, zucchini, green beans, and carrots. Rather than use cardboard boxes, we used these large pots left over from trees we helped my sister and brother-in-law landscape at their home in Idaho. (The green stuff is grass clippings Child mixed in with the soil.) The small tin can on top is Child's basil plant, which had outgrown its small container and needed transplanted.


K La said...

You are such an amazing gardener!!

prin said...

Woo! Soon you'll be one of those neighbors who drops by with an overabundance of veg. :D