Thursday, May 14, 2009

Luck o' the Irish

Tomorrow, I'll be leaving to do a canyon in the "Irish Canyons" area. Canyons are named after Irishy things, like Leprechaun, Blarny, Shillelagh, and the one we're doing, Shenanigan.

Apparently the luck of the Irish decided to reach out a little early. Instead of the two cavities I thought were going to be filled today in my final dentist appointment, the dentist decided that one spot might not be a cavity after all, and he would just keep an eye on it until my next visit. In addition, the remaining cavity was such a small one that I wouldn't need any sort of numbing shots. Seriously, how often do you get out of a shot? It was great! The whole visit was over in 20 minutes! I love dentists!

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