Monday, December 31, 2007

Lost n Found Pets

I have a new website under construction at

It'll be a place for people in Utah County to post lost or found pets. Steps to completion:
  1. (done) Add administration pages.
  2. (done) Set up Google Analytics
  3. (done) Take picture of animal shelter for "Resources" picture on home page
  4. Create script to periodically delete old pictures
  5. (done) Clean out "test" listings
  6. (done) Find good domain name and set up on new host
  7. (done) Get endorsement by North/(done) South Utah Valley Animal Shelters
  8. Help (done) NUVAS/(done) SUVAS set up regular uploads of all their animals
  9. Get story on KSL/(done) Daily Herald/BYU paper/etc.
  10. Add option to print a flyer?
Comments on features or problems are highly appreciated!

1 comment:

K La said...

You are amazing!!
Single-handedly saving cats and dogs around utah county!!