Monday, October 08, 2007

A New Low in Family Communication

It's always been a standing joke in our family that the children who are off living on their own never get the family news. Want to visit a relative? Better call first, they may have moved. And gotten married. And had a baby.

Anyway, today I received an email from a canyoneering buddy, expressing his condolences at my grandmother passing away.


Granted, I knew she wasn't expected to last the weekend, but this was the first solid (?) news I'd gotten. Apparently this guy had gotten a mass-email sent out by my dad's work, also expressing condolences (they both work for the university), then emailed me. Let's see...Dad --> Dad's Work --> Friend --> Me.

You think that's bad? The forwarded email says she passed away on October 5. Today is the 8th. We have GOT to work on our communication in this family!

But mostly I find it amusing. :) I guess you have to understand our family; we're all so close that it's just assumed that news sort of "flows" out to everyone. And it's not like I wasn't expecting it anyway. So here's to the next life, and the doctrine of eternal families. See you soon, grandma!


Xirax said...

Hopefully not too soon :-/

The Writer said...

That's true.


Anna Marie said...

No offense, but in this case, you have no one to blame but yourself! When something like a grandmother's imminent passing is on the horizon, you should be checking in periodically--at least once a day!