Sunday, October 14, 2007

Macs (*spit*)

Child's MacBook has a warranty, and let's just say it's a good thing.

A couple weeks ago, it died with a gray screen, and an icon of a folder with a question mark on it. Not being a Mac person, I had to go online and find a few websites, but nothing they suggested helped. Child took it into the store, where they told her it was a crashed hard drive. Unless we wanted to pay $1500, all her stuff was lost.

She finally got back her computer, and a few days later, the same thing happened. Identical crash screen. We took it in again. This time, it was a simple corrupted file, and they were able to back up all her data, fix the disk, and restore the data.

Now out comes the suspicious side of me. Was it really a crashed hard drive the first time? Or was it just simpler to SAY that and toss in a new hard drive? A lot less work for the employees, and they weren't getting anything out of it because it was under warranty.

I understand that different problems can result in the same "error message," but a software problem is a lot different than a hardware problem, and I would think would result in a different crash screen. Not being hugely familiar with Macs or hardware problems I don't know for sure, but until then, I'm going to remain suspicious.

If nothing else, if it had been a PC, it wouldn't have cost $1500 to recover Child's data.

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kadusey said...

Honestly, I think it sounds like the employee who helped you first didn't quite know what he was doing. If it were me, I'd probably go see if I could talk to a manager at the store and at least let him know what occurred with both the first and second employees. I don't know much about Mac errors either, but I'd be suspicious as well, and if it was the same problem both times, if I were the manager I'd certainly want to know how poorly the first employee handled it. If it was different causes the two times, maybe he can at least ease your suspicions.