Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lotsa Stuff

1. Ultimate Frisbee. It was cool, almost chilly this morning, so Frisbee was great. We got rained on a little, but other than making the Frisbee slightly harder to catch, it wasn't really a problem. I was surprised how few players there were (seven on seven at the most, where the usual is twice that split into two games) until I remembered that Finals Week was over at school and all the students had gone home for the break.

2. Near the end of Frisbee, Child parks and comes running up. "Guess what, we get to take care of an eight-month-old baby for a few days!" I have to say, she is cute. The baby. Well, both my wife and the baby.

3. We ate sushi for lunch. It was delicious. There were six of us eating sushi, all on the all-you-can-eat plan. After we were done eating, I added up the individual prices of each of the sushis we ordered. All-you-can-eat was $16.95 each person, while the price if we had paid for each sushi individually was $16.65 each person (yes, that's $100 worth of sushi total). We were 30 cents short of getting our money's worth..

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