Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A/C problems, or "Sometimes renting is great"

Our kitchen ceiling started dripping water three weeks. If you own your home, it might make your heart sink, but for renters like us, it's more of a, "Heh. We better call our landlord." One of the benefits of renting. :)

The drip lasted about two hours and left an inch or so of water in an ice cream bucket we put down to catch it. The kitchen also happens to be right beneath the air conditioning unit (who knows why the builders put it on the second floor).

Our landlord is in California so he sent a relative over to check it. Panels were removed and replaced, drains were checked, nothing was really done. The leak had stopped, however, so the relative shrugged and went home.

Yesterday, the leak appeared again. This time the landlord called in a real repairman, who checked it out and found a pool of water sitting inside the ducts beneath the A/C unit. Apparently we need a new "main coil." Sounds expensive. Again, I'm glad we're renting for the moment.

Anyway...the whole point to this was that the repairman is here at our house as I write, fixing the A/C. He was in our backyard doing something with the outside unit when I saw a giant praying mantis sitting on the edge of the unit. I took a trowel to brush the praying mantis off, and the A/C guy saw it and freaked out. "Gaaahhhh!!!" In his defense, they do look pretty scary if you're not accustomed to them, but it was funny to see a stocky, bearded guy react like that.

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Kestrel said...

I love praying mantises. We have a ton of them at our house. I'm not sure why, I've lived all over Utah and never seen so many mantises as I do now. Weird.