Monday, June 15, 2009

Sacrament Meeting Meta-Talk

This Sunday I'm giving a 15 minute talk in church. My topic: Sacrament Meeting.

Obviously the most important part of (and main reason for) sacrament meeting is the sacrament itself, but Child was assigned that specific subject, so I want to look at some other angles.

Any ideas? Anecdotes? Thoughts or opinions on church meetings in general?


Kanani said...

You could go for what spirit to bring to the meeting, what we are supposed to be thinking of during the sacrament, or something like that.

Anna Marie said...

I was assigned a while back to give a talk on why we should attend sacrament meeting...I thought it was great for the teenagers to hear...maybe you could focus on that. I hear so many teenagers who complain about going, so if they understood the importance of it...

Just a thought.