Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Pros and Cons

Things I like:
  • Helmets. It only takes one hit to the head to make a helmet worth every penny you paid for it. Especially when you're canyoneering, miles from medical help. They're hot, uncomfortable, and make my hair do weird things so it took me a while to like them, but after that first rock to the helmet, I won't go canyoneering without them.
  • Biking. Last Saturday morning (6:45 AM) I went biking in the hills behind Draper with a couple friends. You could probably call it "mountain biking" but it was more "casual hill biking." Either way, it was a lot of fun.
  • Ultimate Frisbee. Especially fun if you play with people who aren't quite as hardcore as some can be. Incidentally, one of my favorite presents are a set of orange cones that Child got me. They're always a big hit for pick-up games.
  • Gardens. Our most recent set of plants (zucchini, green beans, and squash) have all shot up. Also, our green beans that we sneakily planted across the street in a vacant lot have sprouted, but they're pretty much growing in gravel so I'm not sure how well they'll do.
  • Spiritual insights. I love getting inspirations to questions I've had--especially if they're mathematically-based. :)
Things I don't like:
  • Dying pea plants. Why, my little pea plants, why?! I water you every day!
  • Child being unhappy. Acouchi will be in the hospital for two weeks, and Child is sad because of this.
  • How easily distracted I am. I shouldn't be blogging right now, I should be working on my story. So...goodbye.

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Anna Marie said...

Ummmm...maybe your pea plants are being overwatered.