Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Great Rattlesnake Escape

Here in Draper, Child and I teach the 6-year-old Sunday School class. At the beginning of Sunday School, all the classes meet together for "Singing Time."

On our row, I had three of our kids on my right, and Child and another kid on the left. The current song required us to stand up and "wiggle like a rattlesnake." I was momentarily distracted by Child's laughing at my shaking my bum like a rattlesnake, then Child pointed to my right. I look over to see the three six-year-olds who used to be standing to my right now halfway across the room doing an impressive army crawl, apparently taking the "wiggle like a rattlesnake" a little too literally. It took three or four teachers to surround them, but we finally got them returned to their seats.

By the way, I have to throw in a Faith Promoting Experience. The other night, my entire nose was stuffed up beyond belief with allergies. I had to breath through my mouth, which made it impossible to sleep (and gave me a sore throat), and it was 2 AM in the morning. "Just give me one nostril," I finally prayed. "Enough so I can breath through my nose long enough to fall asleep."

10 minutes later, I had one nostril open, and was able to fall asleep. Go God!


Xirax said...

I use Nasonex instead :P
There is no trace of allergies as long as I spray it three times a week

The Writer said...

The Lord helps them who help themselves, and the next morning I booked a doctor's appointment.

I now have a trial prescription of Nasonex, and after I report back to the doctor that it worked, she'll write me a prescription.