Friday, April 24, 2009

Garden 2

In our ongoing battle against the lack of sunlight in our tiny backyard, we've tried two things:

1. Raised the boxes off the ground, so they can get a precious hour of extra sunlight.

2. Cut down the sides of the boxes in the direction of the sun. This won't make a difference when the plants get a little taller, but for now, the plants originally shaded by the side of the box will now get an extra few minutes of sunlight as well.

We're also starting to hit a few days of cooler weather, so our plants get well wrapped up at night. Incidentally, the weather report on says, "Current Temperature: 60 degrees. High: 59 degrees."


Xirax said...

Can you use artificial lighting?

Charity Z said...

Those banana boxes look really cool! We went to a gardening fair at our county extension office and they said you can also just plant right in a bag of soil if you want. For example, cut a bag open, use half, then roll down the sides and stick a tomato plant in. Good luck! We've started a container garden and so far have managed to kill our squash, carrots, basil, and marigolds. Only our tomato plant is hanging on. Sigh. Give me some good ole' Illinois dirt anyday!