Sunday, March 01, 2009


Child and I bought a new washer and dryer. We got them from a Sears outlet store, where they sell less-than-perfect merchandise at nice discounts. Our washer and dryer are two different colors and both came with some aesthetic problems, but they're supposed to be functionally fine.

In theory. The dryer had some larger problems with the control problem (loose, sliding off), so Child and I decided to get the 3-year warranty on it. The idea was that if something went wrong with it, Sears would either fix it, or replace the dryer. Our hope was that something would immediately go so majorly wrong that Sears would replace it, and we'd get a brand-new dryer, and we could even get it in a color that matched our washer.

Well, the installers set it up yesterday, and it does have a few problems. The dryer door doesn't close completely unless you push it just right, and halfway through a dry cycle the control panel started flashing "F70". We have our fingers crossed that it's a horrible, unfixable problem, possibly involving the dryer gaining sentience and attempting to kill us in our sleep, so we can get a new dryer.

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