Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cables 'n' Cords

I just finished organizing my "electronics box." Ignoring the handful of electronic gadgets in the box whose cords are attached, I have the following free-floating, unused cords:

7 power cords
4 CAT-5 (ethernet) cables
1 coaxial cable
2 car adapter cables
2 extension cords
8 USB cords, not including the USB cord to my camera, which spurred the digging through the electronics box to begin with.

Add in the cables and cords around my desk, and you'll add maybe 6 more. Add the cords attached to electronics gadgets (used and unused), and you'll add about 20 more.


Charity Z said...

We have a whole huge plastic bin full of electronic detritus and it drives me crazy. I cannot get rid of anything because Murphy's law states that the minute the garbage man empties the can, Dave will need it for some vital function and will then have to go out and buy a new one for $20. At least.

Xirax said...

You beat me in USB cords
I beat you in AC adapters, I have like 10-15 :D