Sunday, March 01, 2009


Child and I have had a busy past few days. Her father was recently diagnosed with lymphoma (cancer), then had a seizure Wednesday night and had to go to the hospital. Also on Wednesday, we moved from Provo to Draper and on the plus side, bought a washer and dryer. More on that later.

Yesterday, we visited Child's father in the hospital. On the way home, I was driving, and there was a sudden thump from under the car. I thought a car part had fallen off, and looked in the rear-view mirror to see a dog sprawled in the middle of the road and two adults and a kid standing on the sidewalk ten feet away.

Aw, nuts.

I pulled a U-turn and pulled up in from of the people. "Is that your dog?" I asked, and thank goodness they shook their heads. "Not ours," they said. Running over a dog is bad enough--doing it in front of the owners would be worse.

I parked the car and Child and I got out. To my surprise, the dog (a chihuahua mix) was able to stagger from the middle of the road over to the side. It looked like it just had a broken leg, and fortunately it was wearing a tag with a phone number. I called the number, and the owners turned out to live just around the corner.

While waiting for them to show up, the people on the sidewalk informed us that a cat had actually chased the dog into the road. Looking across the street, I could see the cat sitting atop a pickup truck, smirking at the scene.

The owners finally showed up, and were thankfully very nice. The lady apologized for not keeping her dog corralled, and said that some relative of hers was a vet tech at a local clinic. So all was well that ended well, and I was just glad the dog hadn't been injured worse. Apparently my karma from volunteering at the animal shelter caught up.

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