Sunday, May 18, 2008


SunStarr got married yesterday, and Child and I attended. It went well, from a guy's point of view at least.

There was one amusing incident. At least I found it amusing.

Photographer: "Alright, pose here now."

Me: "SunStarr, it's like you're in a photo-shoot."

Photographer: "Well, it only happens once!"

Actually, it was SunStarr's second marriage. It went silent, except for a few coughs. A cricket chirped. The photographer realized his mistake.

Photographer: "Or...twice." He pauses for a moment, and obviously realizes that he has no idea how many times SunStarr has been married. He tries to make it into a joke. "Or six or seven times!" There's another pause. "I, uh, meant it was your first time in this dress."

Actually, SunStarr had worn the same dress the first time she had been married. Poor photographer. They better be good pictures.


Xirax said...

Ouch. You should have helped the guy -- never anger the photographer! :D

I took picture of him taking picture of you :D

The Writer said...

Send it to me so I can post it--or you can post it on your blog.

Besides, I want to see more of the pictures you took.

prin said...

LOL!! That's so terrible. hehe...