Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Laptop!

With my laptop starting to get issues (ethernet port not working, wireless iffy, standby not working, 'enter' key falling off), I decided I needed a new computer.

For a while I debated between a desktop and laptop, but finally decided that the convenience and travelability of a laptop beat the cheaper price and better specs of a desktop.

After doing some online and in-store searching, I finally decided to custom-build a laptop on I started with one of the cheaper ones (since my computing needs are pretty light), then upgraded a couple things. The final laptop had a price of $750.

Right before I bought it, though, our in-house online coupon expert walked in. "Hey, find me a good Dell coupon!" I said.

After a little searching, he uncovered a coupon that gave 25% off a Dell laptop of $1000 or more. A little math revealed that a $1000 laptop at 25% off was...$750.

I went on an upgrading spree. More memory! A larger hard drive! A better processor! Finally, my computer hit $1000, the coupon kicked in, and the price dropped back to $750.

So thanks to Philip, I have a much better laptop for the same price I was going to pay originally. For those who care, here are the specs:

  • Dell Insipron 1520
  • Dual-core Intel processor (2.0 GHz/800 MHz FSB/2 MB L2 cache, up from the original 1.73 GHZ/533 MHz/1 MB)
  • Windows XP (I deliberately chose this over Vista, and plan to dual-boot Ubuntu)
  • 4 GB RAM (up from the original 2)
  • 15.4" screen
  • 160 GB hard drive (up from the original 120 GB. I don't need a lot of space; I'm not a "media" person)
  • CD/DVD drive (reader/writer)


Xirax said...

Video card? Where's the video card??? THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!!!

The Writer said...

Meh. It's only the most important part if you plan to do anything "visual." Since the vast majority of my work is word processing or SSHing to remote servers, the video is almost irrelevant. :)

Intel Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator X3100

Xirax said...

No, but here went your last hope to join Quark in our regular TF2 massacres :D

The Writer said...

Don't worry, I wasn't clinging particularly tenaciously to that hope. :)