Monday, May 19, 2008


I didn't really think about it until Child mentioned it, but a lot happened today.
  1. My laptop was shipped today. Estimated TOA: Wednesday to Friday
  2. Passed a potential (Spanish-speaking!) hire along to the animal shelter. They get a lot of Hispanics, including a lot who don't speak any English, so they really need a Spanish-speaker.
  3. Got an appointment to get our neighbor's cat spayed. No more litters of kittens! Yay!
  4. Talked Apple into giving Child an upgraded laptop for free, since her current MacBook has had so many problems. Now we can have new laptops together!
  5. Got halfway through shortening my 80-page thesis into an 8-page journal submission. Not required, but my advisor strongly suggested it. Since he determines whether I graduate, I usually take his suggestions.


prin said...

So to sum up, yey! :D

Anonymous said...

you see, getting things done is the opposite of what i am doing right now.