Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Peeve Promotion

I have a peeve that I'm considering for promotion to Pet Peeve. Picture this: I'm standing at the street corner, waiting to cross. I've pushed the button to turn on the walk signal. Someone walks up behind me, and pushes the button again.

You were three feet behind me! Did you not see me already push it? Even if you didn't, do you really think I'd stand two feet away from it and not push it? You REACHED AROUND ME TO PUSH IT.

Apparently I have a sleazy, non-button-pushing look about me that makes people glance at me and think to themselves, "He looks like the type of guy who would walk right by a button and not push it. Probably too incompetent to push a button even if he wanted to. Better push it myself. Geez, you want anything done around here..."

I'd promote it if it wasn't, in the long run, a pretty stupid peeve...


Xirax said...

I'll always push it unless I actually saw someone do it earlier.

Xirax said...

You two should come play werewolf online on the boards ;) We are introducing the Dirty Lawyer and the Assassin roles.

Anonymous said...

I usually push the button two or three times to trick the light into thinking there are several very impatient people waiting for the light to change.;)