Monday, December 24, 2012

Room Cleaning

I'm about to clean my office.

I know, readers are recoiling in shock.  "Drek, clean his office?  The Mayan's must have been three days off from their end-of-the-world prediction!"

Yeah, yeah.  It needs it, though.  Child's parents have been visiting, so she and I have been sleeping on an air mattress in my office, which added to the already-hefty clutter and reduced my in-room mobility and therefore my already-low motivation to put things away properly.

But this time I have a plan!

For each item, I'm going to analyze it, determine if it has a proper location, and create one if not (rather than tossing it into a corner). 

In addition, I'm going to compromise with my lazy tendencies and find a least-effort approach to keeping the room tidy in the future.  Larger trashcan, more hangers, open box to catch once-worn teeshirts that are too clean to throw in the laundry basket but too time-consuming to fold (I said I was lazy).

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