Friday, December 28, 2012

Berkey water filter extension

Child's parents visited for the week before Christmas.  Like us, they have a Berkey water filter. 

However, it has a shortcoming.  When the fluoride filters are installed to the base of the top receptacle, they go so deep into the bottom receptacle that the water will only fill up a few inches of the bottom receptacle.

Child's mother suggested a solution.  If the top receptacle could be lifted higher, it would allow more water to collect in the bottom receptacle.

While at Home Depot on a different errand, I noticed a duct that seemed like it would perfectly fit the bill.  
Master Flow 8 inch Starting Collar Take Off - Snap Together
Worm gear clamp. Two 4" diameter = one 8" diameter

 A quick call to Child confirmed that the diameters were the same, so I bought it, along with two four-inch-diameter worm gear clamps that I could attach together to make one eight-inch-diameter worm gear clamp.  It worked great.

Final product:

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