Monday, January 03, 2011

A Plus moves to my Do-Not-Buy list

Another company bites the dust.  After buying over a half-dozen domains from A, my next domain purchase will be from a different company.  My primary complaints:

1. Terrible security.  They actually require you to give them your password before they'll help with your account.  Verifying who the account belongs to is good; asking a user to give up a password is a huge no-no.  Any security professional can tell you that.  No one but the customer should ever have access to or know their password.

2. Terrible customer support.  When a customer calls with a complaint, immediately responding with a bad attitude is very poor service, especially if the customer is (I thought) polite.  Giving them the run-around about not being able to talk to a manager before putting them permanently on hold is worse.

Goodbye, A  You get an F in my book.


AC said...

Heh, so it's not just me they burned. Yeah, APlus has wasted so much of my time and their support sucks. I suppose it's ironic that you were the one that suggested them so many years ago.

The Writer said...

Yeah. They used to be great, but have really gone downhill. Maybe they got bought out or something.

Either way, as soon as each domain comes due, I'm moving it to a new registrar, once I find one I like.