Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year Goals

It's amazing how much I consume. Food, media, entertainment, services, etc. After far too little thought, my goal for the new year is to become a producer. Following is a list of what I regularly consume, and therefore am going to attempt to produce:
  • Movie
  • Novel
  • Board game
  • Web service
  • Web game
  • Short story
  • Children's book
  • Food
This is just my initial thought; I'm open to suggestions if I'm missing something big.

I'm not planning to impose any personal standard as to level of quality or usefulness. For example, the movie will most likely be produced using a handheld camcorder with few props and less experience. On the other hand, I will likely put more effort into coming up with a fun board game and writing a good story.

To carve out time for my effort and limit distractions, I'm going to (not) do three things over the next year:
  • No TV
  • Only watch movies with wife
  • No browsing news websites after dinner


AC said...

I'm exited to see what you come up with, many of your creations have been quite brilliant.

What exactly do you mean by no tv? Is watching something on hulu considered TV? I agree that sitting in front of a television is far from productive, and a huge percent of tv from tv consists of ads, but on the net they're much less intrusive.

Also, I'll just leave this here...

The Writer said...

I only watch TV on Hulu, so yes, that's what I mean. :) I'm not watching TV because I need the time I would spend watching TV to produce things.

Interesting point about keeping your goals to yourself, so I'll just keep quiet my metagoal that necessitates generating publicity for my productions. ;)

Phaedrus said...

Haven't decided yet about not sharing goals. I think it allows you to redefine success as you move along, but that is not necessarily bad. I just don't think it takes you where you want to go. But that may change over time as well.