Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Caulk Fighter

I've always wanted a caulk gun, ever since I was a little boy watching my father apply that smooth white bead to any sort of crack you cared to name.

Well, I finally got an excuse to get one. We've had ants on our kitchen counter, under the kitchen sink, and oddly enough, the top of the shower. After a little investigation, it appeared that the ants on the kitchen counter and under the sink were related, and appeared to be coming from a crack under the sink. The ants in the shower were coming from a hole in the top of the shower.

One trip to Home Depot later, the crack and hole are history, and hopefully the ants are too.

Actually, to be honest, I'm sorta hoping the ants aren't history. I want to caulk more cracks.

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Charity Z said...

Remember as kids going up on the roof of the Farmer City house to caulk in the wasp's nest behind the siding? Good times, good times. I think that was also when a wasp got tangled in my long permed hair and stung me on the scalp. That's probably why I use the aerosol spray that lets you kill them from 30 feet away now.