Friday, September 25, 2009

Sleep, I hardly know thee

I can see why new parent turn into "walking zombies." The first few days, Squeakaboo slept great. Last night, we went to bed at 1 AM, she fed until 2:30 or 3, and she woke up again at 5. Hopefully I can get a nappy-time this afternoon.

Unrelated, I was listening to talk radio last night driving home from the vet's when one of the hosts said (the context might be wrong, but the phrasing is right): "And from a janitor for the TSA we got the download on the situation..."

"Download"? I guess it is the digital age now...


Anonymous said...

And so it starts. :) This is why people advise "sleep when the baby sleeps." Unless you're extremely lucky, Squeakaboo won't sleep through the night for another couple months.

And are you sure the radio didn't say "down low"? That's something I've heard news people say.

The Writer said...

Yes, that was the funny thing. The usual phrase is "down low", but the guy clearly said "download." Not sure if it was a slip of the tongue or he just didn't know the phrase.

Kestrel said...

Wah wah wah, just be glad you didn't have a preemie! ;)

Also my mom tells me all the time that my sister slept through the night starting on their first night home from the hospital. That should make you feel better.