Monday, September 14, 2009


I finally looked up what my blood type meant. I'm AB+, which means I belong to an elite group of "Bloodies" to which only 3.4% of Americans belong. We are universal recipients, or the bankers of the transfusion world, happy to rake in the "red gold" from anyone, while stingy and particular about who we doll it back out to.

Ah, it feels good to find out I'm part of exclusive club which I had no control over joining and couldn't leave if I wanted.


Charity Z said...

Ha ha me too! I guess it's not such an exclusive club after all!

Hardin Family said...

It's me BreAnne from Texas. I've lost Child's email and the baby blog address. I was wondering if the reason you know your blood type is because the baby is here?...? my email is

The Writer said...

No, no baby yet. I was just cleaning out my wallet and found my red cross donation card. I'll email you Child's email and the baby blog.