Saturday, January 31, 2009

Would Not Buy Again.

So three weeks ago, Child had me buy a birthday present for her friend's son. I bought it off eBay from oddbanana, a power seller with a 99.2% positive rating out of almost 100,000 ratings. I didn't think I'd have any problems. Boy was I wrong.

Three weeks, no present, an email, and two support requests later, I opened a PayPal dispute for "non-receipt of item". It took a couple days, but oddbanana refunded the money through PayPal (all $15.50 of it), with no comment or message.

One minute later, according to my emails, they opened an eBay "Unpaid Item case" for the same item.

Wow. The only explanation for the whole fiasco that I can think of is that they're using some sort of malfunctioning computer system to run everything. Regardless, it's highly frustrating (if not particularly financially debilitating), and I better not get stuck with some "Unpaid Item" mark against me.


Xirax said...

Actually, an "unpaid item: we both mutually decided not to proceed with transaction" is usually opened after a transaction failed for ANY reason, because it lets seller get the eBay fees back. See if there's a button that says "yeah, I confirm we didn't wanna do it".

The Writer said...

Unfortunately, I don't see a button like that. Should I be looking on the Resolution Center "case details" page, or just on my eBay homepage?

Xirax said...

I think it should be on your eBay homepage somewhere. I didn't get those in awhile though, so I don't quite remember.