Monday, February 04, 2008


My beautiful wife sent me an E-card, so I decided to send one back. While filling out the form, however, I came across something that seemed a little...wrong.

Step 4: Do you want to send this card to more than one person? Yes or No?

Well, when your sentiment is "You're the only one for me," probably not. Unless, of course, you're a player and have several irons in the fire; in that case, send it to your entire email list and see who responds.

It reminds me of the guy last year that I saw getting into his car at the flower store, carrying two bouquets. "Hey, nice work!" I called to him.

"Oh, no, one's for my dad to give to my mom," he said.

"Of course, of course," I said, giving him a knowing wink, and getting in my own car.

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K La said...

Nice Work? ;)

I love you.