Thursday, February 07, 2008 News Article

The local newspapers picked up the story on the UCPets website.
Notice how the BYU paper doesn't have a link. That's because the article never got published. Yeah, funny story about that. Child hates BYU and everything BYU related. When the newspaper called, she answered my phone. When the caller said who they were, she put the phone against her chest and said "It's that crappy newspaper."

I talked to the girl at the other end, answered all her questions, then hung up and looked at Child. "Um, if you put the phone against your chest, the person at the other end can hear quite clearly what you're saying."

"Oh," she said.

The article never appeared in the paper.

Not that I mind; my thesis adviser has been "strongly encouraging" me to get my thesis done, and I'd just as soon he didn't see I've been spending time working on another website.


Anonymous said...

It did get published. It was in the paper yesterday.

The Writer said...

Yes, I updated that post in the morning, than ironically saw the article in the paper that afternoon.

In my defense, they called me over two weeks ago--January 23rd, so I had given up hope.

prin said...

LOL!! She's funny. :D