Sunday, January 13, 2008

X-treme Sledding

Yesterday, our family went on our annual Sledding Behind the Van trip.

On this trip, we go to some plowed-but-still-snowy country road, tie six or seven sleds on ropes behind the family van, then dad will drive while everyone on the sleds tries to hurl each other into snowbanks.

Child got a couple pre-sledding pictures with my camera, but as soon as I can snag some during-sledding pictures from the parents, I'll post those as well.


prin said...

omg! lol That looks scary. Don't you bump into each other?

The Writer said...

Yes, you bump into each other, hurl snowballs into each others' faces at point-blank range, try to commandeer their sled, and finally throw them off, leaving them bouncing down the road behind you.

Eventually enough people will fall off that Dad will stop the van and they all run to catch up.

prin said...

Survival of the fittest then?

The Writer said...

Exactly. :)