Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Several months ago, Child lost her scriptures at church. My guess is that some kindly soul saw them laying on a pew, decided to find the owner, then ended up taking them home at the end of the day when they couldn't find the owner. I'm sure they were planning on bringing them back the next week, but forgot or lost them.

Regardless of the circumstances, Child's scriptures were lost, and she was very attached to them. We visited the lost and found every Sunday, asked people, and did everything we could to find them. No luck, and the months went by.

Finally we realize--hey, we're religious. We believe in prayer. Four months after the scriptures were lost, we start praying for their return, and the next week they show up on a table in the hall at church. Thank you, God, for nudging whoever it was to remind them to bring the scriptures back.

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