Sunday, April 21, 2013


One of my younger sisters got married a week ago in the San Diego Temple, an amazingly beautiful building.  We had a reception on the beach afterwards, then transitioned to a pool and hot tub at the hotel where several of the out-of-town visitors were staying.  Following are a handful of pictures from the events.

Kites are always fun, especially on a windy day at the beach.

The chilly ocean water briefly outweighed the social stigma of a pink-accented wetsuit.

The hot tub started out with a reasonable number of people...

And grew...

And grew.  How many people can we fit in at once?  How many are we ALLOWED to fit in?

Amusingly, the old guy at the furthest right of the hot tub wasn't part of our party, but he seemed to enjoy the activity and never left. 

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