Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Election results

Well, the election is over.  My overall feeling about the result:


I'd feel worse about Mitt Romney losing if he hadn't been so unrelentingly negative the entire campaign.  Seriously, take some of that time you spent accusing the president of making mistakes and actually tell us how you'd fix them, rather than just telling us you would.

That, and Romney's abrupt shifts of policy when he decided to run for president.  Changing your opinion when new evidence or points of view are presented is one thing, and I'm 100 percent in favor of that.  Doing so when you think it will play better with potential constituents is another matter entirely.

Sure, I think Romney would have done a far better job than Obama in turning the economy around--after all, business was his business--but he was far from a candidate that I enjoyed voting for.

I think I'll add a project to my to-do list.  I'd like to write up a high-level view of the platform I'd enjoy seeing a candidate run on--or that I'd run on myself if I ever decided to run for president.

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Sums up my feelings nicely.