Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Healthy Living

As my better half, KLa is in charge of making sure I don't die before she does and leave her saddled with a bunch of medical bills related to my debaucherous, pre-marriage cuisinic lifestyle of frozen pizzas, ramen noodles, and peanut-butter crackers (hey, peanuts are practically vegetables!).

As a result, she makes us healthy meals full of fruits, vegetables, and grains who would turn up their noses at the thought of processing, sneer at artificial flavors, and turn green at the sight of red dye #40.

Ever in pursuit of the pinnacle of haleness, however, she went hunting for a healthier alternative to our usual breakfast oatmeal.  I suspect that as a common ingredient in cookies it's guilty by association, but KLa refuses to confirm or deny this.

Anyway, a couple mornings ago she presented me with a bowl of quinoa, which I believe is Spanish for "a bowl of oddly-texured brown and yellow seeds that look like frog-eyes."  According to the wiki page it's related to "pitseed goosefoot," which I think says it all.  It's how I always imagined eating plankton would feel like, and yes, as a fan of Kon-Tiki I've imagined what eating plankton would be like.

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