Saturday, February 12, 2011


A hot-green motorcycle in our parking lot has the word "Ninja" painted in black letters on the side, with a giant grenade stencil beneath it.  Because when I think of ninjas, the first weapon that comes to mind is a grenade...


Every time I go outside in the morning to leave for work, when there isn't much activity, a crow sitting in a tree along the sidewalk will give a brief caw, presumably to alert any other crows who cared that a human was nearby.  Another lookout crow did the same thing on our way to the park today.


Yesterday evening I finally got another robot driving.  I was pretty excited since I had been working on it for the whole past week.  Child called me about 5 pm and asked when I was coming home.  It was a good thing she called, since I was so into my work that I probably would have worked until 7 pm before I realized what time it was.

On a related note, the company that built the robot apparently has no idea what a "standard" is.  If you decide to use the JAUS architecture for the nice standardization it brings, it's a little counter productive to put the left wheel speed in the "velocity" field, and the right wheel speed in the "turn rate" field.  It's wrong, and it defeats the whole purpose of using the standard to begin with.


My writing group is great.  They gave me some good ideas for how to progress my characters and make them more realistic.  I like where my current novel is going.

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AC said...

Whoa, you get to play with some high level stuff, I'm still trying to find the best way to analyze and process raw data from sensors with AVR chips.