Thursday, December 17, 2009


Why would you pierce the ears of an 18 month old baby?

Especially if it looks like a boy?


Unknown said...

Not that I would do this, but here are some reasons people can have.

-if it looks like a boy, but is indeed a girl, and they are tired of people saying "What a cute boy" when in fact, said girl has pink shoes on, and just has really short hair (this happened with Rachel lots) they may pierce the ears to say to the world "THIS IS A GIRL!"

-If you have two boys that are identical twins and you as parents haven't even figured out how to tell them apart, one easy way to introduce a difference is to pierce the ear of one of them. (I seriously heard of a father doing this)

Krisling said...

Why wouldn't you leave the house after your carbon monoxide monitor went off? Especially when the fire department recommends you call 911 and leave?! *bangs head against wall*

Krisling said...

On a more pertinent note, probably so people would stop saying "oh what a cute boy." With pierced ears, the idea is that the baby will look more girlish. It's a stupid idea, but it's probably the reason.

K La said...

Is it a cultural thing? I heard a rumor to that affect.

I always babies with pierced ears were adorable. I was going to pierce my baby's ears as soon as she was born. Alas, with our baby, I just can't imagine it. No pierced ears for our girl!