Thursday, October 15, 2009

Worst Nightmare

It's official. I had to add Internet Explorer 8 to my list of browsers to support. Curse you, IE 8!!!

How come every version of Internet Explorer that comes out insists on rendering a webpage slightly different from all its earlier incarnations? I look at the same webpage in IE 6, 7 and 8 and one has a weird gap between two elements, one thinks it's Picasso and skews an image, and the third one decides to get creative positioning an element.

I know it's possible to be consistent; Firefox has managed to do it right the past three or four versions I've used. In Firefox, I've only seen one problem that occurred from upgrading to a new version, and that was a fairly esoteric mouse dragging issue.



Xirax said...

Well, they are not trying to be consistent, they are trying to make it standards-compliant... which they should have done like 8 years ago.

I found that IE8 actually finally does a good job -- it behaves almost exactly like Firefox, at least for ShopSite. IE7, on the other hand, still has a bunch of CSS bugs. And IE6 should just die.

The Writer said...

I'm glad you've had a good experience, but what I've found out after hours of debugging yesterday and today is that IE8 does NOT behave like Firefox, at least not for the issue I was trying to solve.

On the plus side, the developer tool IE now has came in handy, even if it's a weak version of Firebug.