Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Choice quotes from a birthday dinner for Child at my parent's house last night:

Brother: "How do you find where the holes are in your ears when you put in earrings?"
Sister: "How do you find where the holes are in your nose when you pick it?"

Brother: "Do you eat fish?"
Child: "Yes, I'm a pisco-lacto-ovo vegetarian."
Brother: "I'm never touching you again."
(Dad: "Why are you touching her to begin with?")

Brother: "Of course it's fake, it's science-fiction! If it wasn't fake, it'd be fiction."


prin said...

lol! Your brother is classic. :D

Anonymous said...

hey- those quotes made me laugh out loud. I miss those family dinners....Tell Child I said Happy Birthday. When are you guys coming to Texas?

The Writer said...

Told, and we'll be in/near San Antonio from April 29 to May 8 or so.

Anna Marie said...

This sounds like Dan. Am I right? Well, actually it could be Matt or Ammon as well...