Monday, October 02, 2006

It's been a busy past week. For starters, BYU beat #17 ranked TCU, 31-17. Yay! Not only were they ranked and BYU wasn't, but TCU was on a 13-game winning streak, which we broke. ...related, I'm currently at the top of my research lab's guessing game.

Uncle Again
So I mentioned in my last post that my sister had her baby. The baby is named "Maile," which according to my brother in law is "pronounced My Lei as in you go to hawaii, someone gives you a lei and you put it on and someone comes and grabs say NO, its My Lei!"

Exciting! I'm an uncle three times over now! On another related note, my girlfriend just found out that her sister was pregnant, and she's going to be an aunt for the first time. She was very excited, to put it lightly. :)

Animal Shelter
According to Pat at the Animal Shelter, Bear was taken by a rescue on Friday. Rescues are independent organizations/people that take animals from the Shelter and adopt them out on their own. I'm happy for Bear, since she'll get more attention and care than the county Animal Shelter can give her, but I wish I had gotten time to take a picture of her first. Anyway, here's wishing her the best!

My friend Paul IM'd me this morning, asking if I wanted to start weight-lifting with him again. We did it for a semester last year, and it was great, but when the new semester came around, he was too busy and I didn't want to go by myself. This time, we're going to do it Tuesday/Thursday, and we'll be trying 6 AM. Ouch. We'll see if I can hack it. If I'm feeling REALLY ambitious, I might start running on M/W/F.

I know I'll be missing my sleep, but the exercise would really do me good. As a computer science student in college, I don't do much active stuff, just the occasional hiking trip or ultimate frisbee game.

Friday and Saturday were also our church's Worldwide General Conference. A lot of good speakers, and once I have a chance to read through their talks, and I'll post a couple of my favorite quotes.

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