Monday, September 25, 2006

Sometimes, you just need to get a fresh start in life. You leave your bad habits behind you, swear you'll never do them again, realistically know you will, but hope that you'll have a net gain in the end. And sometimes, those "bad habits" are simply the lack of a good one, like keeping a journal.

So why start a "rwxr--r--" blog instead of a "rwx------" journal? As Enjolras says so succintly to Marius in Les Mis, "Who cares about your lonely soul?" Why clog up the internet tubes with yet another random blog?

Well, first, I just like writing. I would love to be a published, professional author someday, and writing of any sort is good practice. I also belong to a writing group that does an occasional Extremely Short Story Contest, and this blog would be a good place to post my entries, if only to provide my future children some humor. ("That's really your writing, dad? Ha ha! No WONDER you became a radioactive source handler*!")


Second, my girlfriend, Child, expressed an interest in rooting out my innermost thoughts, dreams, secrets and fears, and this blog should be a good way to tantilize her. I can post pointlessly cryptic messages, then smirk irritatingly as she goes crazy trying to figure them out. (She would probably get the quote from Les Mis, which is why I went ahead and cited it, and I posted the comic behind "radioactive source handler" just to make her paranoid that EVERY thing I say has some background to it.)

Third and finally, you know those "de-motivational" posters? You know that one that has the picture of the sinking ship? It's captioned: "Sometimes, your only purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others." So. Yeah. Here's your warning.

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